Generation 8 HOME LAB Bill of Materials

Last Updated MAR-02-2023


Below is the BOM for my Gen 8 Home Lab and Workstation. The Home lab is based on 3 x vSphere 8 (VCSA, ESXi, and vSAN ESA) hosts and one Windows 11 PC based on VMWare Workstation 17. The overall plan for my home lab is to use it for vSphere Nesting and Testing. Read further below for an itemized list.

Why Generation 8? To track my home labs I call them Generation plus a number. Initially, that number would incremented when I did a hardware refresh but as of Generation 7 I aligned this number the version of vSphere.


  • This home lab is still under development and I’m still confirming compatibility. Right now ESXi 8 installs well but I have not tested any other software or features beyond that.
  • If you are looking for my past Home Lab information check out the Best of VMX.

Generation 8 – VMware ESXi Hosts, Storage, and Networking

ESXi Hosts: (Most products were used from eBay)

Storage (NAS):


Battery Backup UPS:

Generation 8 – VMware Workstation