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Today I’m retiring my Generation 7 Home lab as my Generation 8 lab will be posted in my Home Lab BOM section very soon. My Gen 7 Home Lab was a vSphere and vSAN 7 All Flash cluster and below was its final configuration. Some of the items below I’ll be reusing in Generation 8, and some of the items I will be selling off.


My Gen 7 Home Lab is based on vSphere 7 (VCSA, ESXi, and vSAN), NSX-T, and vRealize Suite. Additionally, I use it for vSphere Nesting and Testing. It contains 3 x ESXi Hosts, 1 x Windows 10 Workstation,  4 x Cisco Switches, 2 x MikroTik 10gbe Switch, 3 x APC UPS, 1 x Synology 1621+, and 1 x Asustor Lockerstor 10.  Read further below for an itemized list.

NOTE: My Home Lab Generation 7 design will not fully work with vSphere 8.  Though I could force the install of vSphere 8 I have decided to upgrade my home lab. Please see my Home Lab BOM for more inforamtion.


ESXi Hosts: (Total cost for one host ~$1325 | Unless noted, the items this area are per host)

NOTE: This Home Lab Generation 7 has worked well for me with vSphere 7 BUT most likely it will need to be updated for vSphere 8 due to pCPU discontinuation. Please see this KB for further information https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/82794

  • Case:
  • Motherboard:
  • CPU: (These CPUs work on vSphere 7, but chances are they will NOT work with vSphere 8)
    • 2 x Xeon E5-2640 v2 8 Cores / 16 HT (Ebay $30 each)
  • CPU Cooler or Heatsink: (Bracket required to fit narrow 2011 cooler mounts)
  • RAM:
    • 256GB DDR3 ECC RAM (Mostly from Ebay | each host has a different brand)
      • 16 x Host1: ELPIDA 16GB 2Rx4 PC3L-10600R-09-11-E2 Registered ECC Memory DDR3
      • 16 x Host 2: SAMSUNG M393B2K70CM0-YF8 16gb Pc3-8500r 1066mhz 1.35v Quad Rank X4 Ecc Registered Cl7 Ddr3 Sdram 240-pin Rdimm Memory Module For Server
      • 16 x Host 3: HYNIX HMT42GR7BMR4C-G7 16gb Pc3-8500r 1066mhz Cl7 Quad Rank X4 Registered Ecc Ddr3 Sdram 240-pin Rdimm Memory Module For Server
  • Disks:
    • 1 x Dual M.2 PCIe Adapter Card for NVMe/SATA SSD (Amazon $15)
      • 1 x 512GB NVMe SSD | vSAN Cache | Sabrent Rocket 512 (B&H $69)
      • 1 x 240GB M.2 SSD | Boot Disk | Kingston A400 (Amazon $35)
    • 2 x Supermicro AOC-SLG3-2M2 PCIe NVMe (Amazon $55)
      • 2 x 2TB NVMe SSD | vSAN Capacity | Sabrent Rocket 2TB (Amazon $199)
    • 1 x 2TB SATA | Extra Space | Hitachi (Ebay $50)
  • Network:
    • Motherboard Integrated i350 1gbe 4 Port
    • 1 x MellanoxConnectX3 Dual Port (HP INFINIBAND 4X DDR PCI-E HCA CARD 452372-001)
  • Power Supply:
    • Antec Earthwatts 500-700 Watts (Adapters needed to support case and motherboard connections)
      • Adapter: Dual 8(4+4) Pin Male for Motherboard Power Adapter Cable (Amazon $11)
      • Adapter: LP4 Molex Male to ATX 4 pin Male Auxiliary (Amazon $11)
      • Power Supply Extension Cable: StarTech.com 8in 24 Pin ATX 2.01 Power Extension Cable (Amazon $9)

Storage (NAS):


Battery Backup UPS:

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