Here are some of my favorite computer items from back in the day…

Believe it or not, I had the black Pocket Computer PC6 below when I went to DeVry.  It was very useful as many times the common built in math functions fell short for complex electronics formulas. Using BASIC I could program it for all types of formulas.


— Thank you William Shatner!


— Who knew computer companies used Psychologists

Att Tech

— I used to show this to all the fellow computer geeks (Mostly Apple Users) who put down my Commodore. Funny just this past year (2014) I saw an add comparing year 2000 technology (Cell, MP3 Player, Digital Camera, PDA) to the new Apple phone.  I guess they took a marketing play from Commodore.


This is exactly why I was and still am a Commodore owner :)

We are obsessed with these retro computer ads from the early 1980s - Page 4  - TechRepublic

I always liked the C128, but just wished it had better backwards compatibility.

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