Blog Head shot LargeMy name is Matt Mancini also largely known in the VMware virtualization community as vmexplorer.  I’ve operated this blog since 2010 and choose its name, vmexplorer, to represent the technology journey we are all on.  Sometimes we are the guide or Sherpa and sometimes we need a Sherpa to help us get to where we are going.   My blog content has always been straight to the point and no-nonsense to get you over a challenge.  From my point of view if you are reading my blog then you are trying to solve a problem and the last thing you want is a lengthy blog article filled with useless content.  I hope this is a point of view you can appreciate and if my content is a bit short feel free to send me a comment or question — I’m always glad to help.

Background — I have enjoyed 30+ years in technology and I have many industry certifications dating back to the early 1990’s. My virtualization journey started in 2004 with ESX 2.0 and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I rebooted the Phoenix VMUG 2008 and through my role on the VMUG board, I helped to build it into a world-class users group. For these efforts and my continued VMUG involvement, I have been awarded  VMware vExpert every year since 2008.   In 2011 I joined VMware as a Senior Technical Account Manager (TAM), and most recently (2023) promoted to Senior Staff TAM.  Working for VMware has been a great experience. My role as a TAM is a very good fit for my core strengths – Customer and Technical Services but mostly being a Sherpa to my customers and fellow technologist whom I love to serve.


To sum it up — I hope you find all my content useful, but as with everything you find on the Internet you should use discretion before applying my posts and other content to your environment. Keep in mind these posts are just my opinion and not the opinion of my employer or others.

Enjoy! Matt Mancini

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