Home Lab Generation 8 Parts List (Part 2)

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Today I’m releasing the parts that I plan to use for my Generation 8 Home Lab! I’ll be using three Dell T7820 Workstations for my ESXi Hosts. In this video I go through the BOM (Bill of Materials) or the parts I selected to build out my systems.

NOTE: Though I’ve installed ESXi 8 on these hosts, this in no way is my complete solution. For now ESXi 8 seems to run without issue but I have not tested it with vSAN ESA yet. I’ll be releasing more videos around settings and networking shortly.

UPDATE: 03/11/23 All parts seem to be working well though I’ve had a string of bad QLogic QL45212HLCU-DE 2 Port 25Gbe cards from eBay. After receiving 2 bad cards, I’ve decided to buy a new card from Server Supply. I’ve installed this card and its working fine. I recommend buying this card new vs. used. https://www.serversupply.com/NETWORKING/NETWORK%20ADAPTER/25%20GIGABIT/DELL/0NJFX_310672.htm

More and updated information can be found here – https://vmexplorer.com/home-lab-bom/ #intelxeon #optane #vmware #vexpert #cloud

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