Passed VCP 5 Delta Test

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I passed my VCP 5 Delta test today. Here are some of my notes around it…

  • Test was 65 Questions and you have 75 Minutes to complete it, I had about 15 Mins left.
  • I passed my VCP5 in January of 2012 and I don’t believe there was one repeat question from that test
  • I didn’t get any min max questions
  • Lot of Virtual SAN Questions
  • Know your licensing Models and what features belong to what
  • Don’t skip studying around vDP or vSphere Replication
  • Really know vRealize Operations (aka vCOPS) badges and how they are calculated (I got at least 3 questions on this)
  • The questions seem to be longer in length and more multiple choice / select all correct << Not my favorite type
  • I would say I passed for two reasons
    • It was open book, how nice was that! So have your best documents and guides ready
    • I followed the blue print, read my documents, and made sure I read every ‘Note’ section
      • Here is an example of the Notes section. I’ve found that some questions on the test that usually come from this sections like this.

More information around the test can be found here >

Quick Excerpt from this link –

VCP5-DCV Delta Recertification Exam



On October 1st, we released a new delta exam to qualify recertification candidates for the VCP5-DCV Certification.

The exam is offered to current VCP5-DCVs who need to renew their VCP5-DCV credential. The exam will be available through November 30, 2014 and offers some key advantages:

  • Based on new material between the vSphere 5.0/5.1 and vSphere 5.5 exams – you save hours of prep time
  • Available online – you can take it from any location
  • Far less expensive – you save money

If you hold a VCP5-DCV certification, this is the quickest route to recertification.

This limited time opportunity – the exam will only be offered until November 30, 2014.


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