Update to my Home Lab with VMware Workstation 8 – Part 3 Installation of Workstation 8

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Okay so now that we have a sound hardware and OS, its now time to install Workstation 8.

Here’s the brief version – Next, Custom, Next, Change, Next, Change, Next, Change, Next, Continue, Enter, Finish… Well it’s almost that simple there is a bit more thought behind this….

Pre-Plan –

Make sure you have Workstation 8 downloaded

Read the release notes https://www.vmware.com/support/ws80/doc/releasenotes_workstation_80.html

Why read them… Lots of goodies and gotcahs in there.  I checked my hardware prior to purchase so I know I’m okay, you should check yours too

I needed to know two things to get the base Program installed:

  • Where will I install Workstation 8? Do I choose one of my SATA disks or my SSD?
  • Where will my default VM direction go? Do I choose one of my SATA disks or my SSD

The Steps I took –

First thing I did was check my network settings…

Why is this important, for most it’s probably not, but for me I always like to see the before and after effects

Workstation 8 will install “virtual” network adapters, below is the before and at the end is the after…

From this screen shot you can see ‘Ethernet Adapter Local Area Network’ is my primary single pNIC in my PC.

Download and install the Workstation 8 executable… Lunch it and click next…

I Choose Custom to see some options for directory customization.

This is a good screen and is something you should think about…

If you have some SSD drives and PLEANTY of space (for VM’s and Workstation) you might want to consider placing the install there.

TIP – I did install Workstation 8 on my SSD and the boot time for the program was very FAST!

However I really needed the SSD space so I moved it to my 500GB 3gb/s disk. It doesn’t boot as fast but once it’s loaded there really no difference.

This is another good screen and is something you should think about…

Where do you want your default VM’s to be stored?

For Me I had choices for 500GB, 300GB SATA disks or my 60GB SSD

At this point I clicked on change…

I choose the D: disk which was my 300GB SATA disk to get started…

By default your new VM will be placed in this folder and you can choose a different path if you wish.

Just like Fashion what’s in today is history tomorrow and so are default paths… you make a good choice now but want to change it later.

Don’t sweat this too much, changing the default VM path is easy in Workstation 8 and I do just that in an upcoming post.

Click Next…

Click Continue…

Enter your License Key…

TIP – Want a free copy of Workstation 8? When I got my VCP5 I got a free copy, get yours too, and get certified!

Click Finish and you’re done…

Going back to the network settings… you can now see Workstation 8 installed two new adapters.

VMware Network Adapter VMnet1 and VMnet8

Summary –

This went smooth no real issues; however as I later discovered some of the choices I made (Installation directories had to be changed)

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