Passed my VCP5 Test

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Just last month (12/2011) I passed my VCP5, it was a nice Christmas Present, and the month prior (11/2011) I passed my VCP4.

It was a lot of fun preparing for a VCP4, passing that test, then updating everything I just learned to pass my VCP5.

It was a good thing I only got one maximum question, no telling how I would have answered it Smile

What do I have to add for all of you taking the test?

– Read those documents, know your stuff, take the mock exams, follow the blue prints

– If you’re a partner or VMware employee and have access to the VTSP 5.0 Training, I would highly suggest using this as a study guide

– This guide ( I found to be the most useful as it was a culmination of the blue print material.  Funny thing is I started to write my own cram notes based on the blue print documents and then I found this one, problem solved!

Final Thoughts and a word to the wise…

If you are just studying questions from TestKing, Cerfityme, etc… Good Luck – You’ll need it — Its plain and simple – Study hard = Passing the test

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