kubeAcademy Building Applications for Kubernetes: Docker Desktop Installation for Windows 10

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While taking the course on kubeAcademy ‘Building Applications for Kubernetes’ the first lesson was about setting up your workstation to complete the course. Though the first lesson was good, the instructions were based on the MAC OS and how to install on Windows was very lightly touched on. I soon found out why, the Windows 10 install of Docker Desktop and Tools isn’t a simple process. In this video I go through the choices I made to get my workstation up and running. Moving past lesson one it became obvious that most of these courses are based on CLI commands common on the MAC (example cat, v, and rm).  If you choose the Windows install be aware you’ll need to translate commands like these and more.  I highly recommend the MAC OS install if you want to really align to these courses.

Post Video Corrections and Observations:

  1. In the video I showed how to remove the Ubuntu Image via containers and apps.  To fully remove the ubuntu image, do so in Docker Desktop > Images > 3Dots > Delete, wait about a min or two and it will disappear.

Some Links from this video:

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