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Lately, I haven’t had much involvement with malware, trojans, and virus’.  However, most recently Norton Family started to alert me to a few websites I didn’t recognize on one of my personal PC’s.  Norton reported these three sites: loggly.com | pads289.net | sun346.net   Something I also noticed was all three sites were posting at the same date/time, and the Pads/Sun sites had the same ID number in their URL (see pic below).  This behavior just seemed odd.    I didn’t initially recognize any of these sites, but a quick search revealed loggly.com was a solarwinds product.  My mind started to wander, could this be related to their recent security issues?  Just to be clear, this post isn’t about any current issues with solarwinds, VMware, or others. These issues were located on my personal network.  I’m posting this information as I know many of us are working from home, have kids doing online school, and the last thing we need is a pesky virus slowing things down.

I use Norton Family on all of my personal PC and the first thing I did was block the sites on the affected PC and the via Internet firewall.

Next, I started searching the Inet to see what I could find out on these three sites.  Multiple security sites of these URLs turned up no warnings, no black lists, whois seemed normal, just pretty much nothing alarming.  In fact, I was even running Sophos UTM Home Firewall, and it never alerted on this either. If I went directly to these sites it resulted in a blank page.  Additionally, the PC seemed to run normal, no popups, or redirection of sites.  Really it had no issues at all except it just kept going to these odd sites.

That’s when I found urlscan.io.  I pointed it at one of the sites and I noticed there were several update.txt files.

When I clicked on the update.txt it brought me to this screen where I could view the text file via the screenshot.

One thing I noticed about the text file was ‘Realistic Media Inc.’ and ‘Browser Assistant’,  and MSI installable. These things seemed like a programs that could be installed on a PC.

Looking at the installed programs on the affected PC and I found a match.

A quick search, and sure enough lots of hits on this Trojan.

Next I ran Microsoft Safety Scanner, it removed some of it, and then I uninstalled the ‘Browser Assistant’ program.

Lastly, I sent an email into AWS and Solarwinds asking them to look into this issue.  

Within 24 hours Amazon Responded with:  “The security concern that you have reported is specific to a customer application and / or how an AWS customer has chosen to use an AWS product or service.  To be clear, the security concern you have reported cannot be resolved by AWS but must be addressed by the customer, who may not be aware of or be following our recommended security best practices.  We have passed your security concern on to the specific customer for their awareness and potential mitigation.” 

Within 24 hours Solarwinds responded with:  They are working with me to see if there are any issues with this. 


This pattern for Trojans or Mal/ad-ware probably isn’t new to security folks but either way I hope this blog helps you to better understand odd behavior on your personal network.

Thanks for reading and please do reach out if you have any questions.

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