ESX 4.1 Host Profile Copy

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Wouldn’t it be nice be able to make a copy of an existing host profile allowing you to create new profile?

vCenter Server 4.1.0 doesn’t have a copy function but you can export the profile then import it with a different name.

Note – Keep in mind this might not work on your destination hardware, you should use a base profile that is simlar and go fromt there. You also might have to tweek the copied profile for it work properly.

In vCenter Server 4.1.0 go to the Host Profiles area on you vCenter server

Simply right click and choose export profile

Choose ok to this warning…

Choose a good name and click on save

When the creation is complete from the main window Choose “Create a new host profile” > Import Profile >, Browse to the Import location and choose your file > Enter a new Name for the profile > Choose Finish

Once your done you can now edit this profile, updated it, add hosts, etc..

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