Installing Intel U.2 Optane Disk using an adapter

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In this quick video I installed a Intel U.2 Optane disk into my Windows system using the StarTech U.2 to PCIe Adapter and then speed tested it with ATTO. I’ll be using these drives and adapters in my Next Generation 8 Super VMware Workstation that I am currently working on. Note the drive that I show being installed on to the StarTech card is different from the one I ran ATTO with.

** Please do keep in mind that the average PCIe slot has a 25 Watt Power Rating. Some systems have a higher wattage rating and some could be lower. The P5800X draws about 30 Watts and the P4800X about 23 Watts. Take this into account when using this adapter and plan accordingly. **

Products Show in this video:

Drive that was tested with ATTO:

Drive that was shown being installed on the Adapter:×2-3d-xpoint.html

StarTech Adapter:

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