10Gbe NAS Home Lab Part 4: asustor DRIVESTOR 2 PRO and LOCKERSTOR10 Teardown

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In part 4 of this series I tear down the asustor DRIVESTOR 2 PRO and LOCKERSTOR10. These are demo non-warranty units which allow me to tear them down. I highly recommend you work with asustor prior to any disassembly and warranty information.

** Products Seen in this Video **


asustor – https://www.asustor.com/en/product?p_id=72

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Asustor-Drivestor-Pro-AS3302T-Attached/dp/B08ZD7R72P


asustor – https://www.asustor.com/product?p_id=64

Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Asustor-Lockerstor-Enterprise-Attached-Quad-Core/dp/B07Y2BJWLT/

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