Honeywells Next Generation Platform powered by Dell FX2 and VMware vSAN

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I wished over these past years I could blog in technical detail about all the great things I’ve experienced working for VMware. A big part of my job as a VMware TAM is being a trusted advisor and helping VMware Embedded OEM Partners build products they can resell to their customers. These past years I’ve worked directly with Honeywell Process Solutions to build a better offering.  The entire team (Honeywell, Dell, and VMware) have been working tirelessly to make this product great. It’s been a long haul with so many late nights and deadlines but we were all proud to see this product be released.

The Honeywell Dell VMware Solution I helped Honeywell to create went on to win multiple awards.

  • 2016 VMware award for OEM Partner Innovation
  • 2017 TAM Customer award for Emerging Technology & Trends
  • Q4-2017 Americas Co-Innovation
  • 2018 WWKO ‘Best Co-Innovation’ Global Accounts

Just before VMworld 2017 Michael Dell tweeted about the great work we had all accomplished and released a video.

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