Review: Wireless Network Devices All in One vs. Standalone

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I’m sure like most of my fellow computer geeks we get asked quite a bit around home wireless networks etc. Well, I’ve been in the market for a new Cable Modem and Router and in the past I’ve never recommended the “all in one” solution (meaning Cable Modem and Router/Firewall in one unit). Mainly this recommendation was based on my field experience back in 2007 and seeing so many of them fail. This week, going against my own advice, I gave the Netgear C3700-100NAS all in one a try for $99. Not a bad deal as it means not as many cables, it has an integrated DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, and it’s on COX Phoenix AZ supported list. This unit worked well for about 20 mins and as I was reading reviews around its issues, it started having them. Over and Over again it slows down. You’d think by 2016 they’d have the all in one finally figured out, but alas they don’t. My recommendation still stands, avoid the all in one.

What I have been recommending for home users in the Phoenix Area with Cox Cable running their 60-100Mbs Internet are the Arris Motorolla SB6141 Cable Modem and the NETGEAR WNDR4500-100PAS N900 wireless router. I’ve had the combo since 2012 and it’s been very rock solid. If I do have an issue with this combo it is usually outside of their control, meaning the cable company is having an issue.

I bought my pair at NewEgg — WNDR4500 for $89 and the SB6141 for $69,

When I bought mine (Feb-2016) NewEgg gave me a TP-LINK TL-WR841N and a N150 wireless routers.

If there is enough interest in the post, I’ll post up how the other 2 routers work out. Enjoy!

If you like my ‘no-nonsense’ blog articles that get straight to the point… then post a comment or let me know… Else, I’ll start writing boring blog content.

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