Passed the VCP4

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I recently passed my VCP4 today. It’s been a long road getting here but I’m glad it’s behind me.

I was slated to take it 12/2009 time frame, but we had 4 deaths in the family within a 4 month period!

Needless to say that delay caused me to miss the opportunity to take the test without taking training

However at some point I thought I would get the training I needed to take the VCP but this never came to pass and I remained uncertified until most recently.

Last Summer I took a job with VMware as a TAM and I got the vSphere 4 training I needed.  Finally I can say I am a VCP4!

With this behind me it’s time to study for my VCP5, which needs to be completed by end of year 2011 :) or in less than 2 months!

What do I have to add for all of you taking the test?

– Read those documents, know your stuff, take the mock exams, follow the blue prints

– Notice this about the questions…  There are plays on words and metrics

Example –

A VM has the following performance counters – paging reads 0 and ballooning reads 240

Or I’ve seen it as

A VM has the following performance counters – paging reads 240 and ballooning reads 0

Also, I’ve seen a bunch of play on words like changing is to isn’t – This changes the answer you choose.

So word to the wise – I believe they are doing this to counter potential VCP’s just studying questions from TestKing, Cerfityme, etc… So if you are, Good Luck – You’ll need it — Its plain and simple – Study hard = Passing the test

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