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For father’s day 2011 I got what every retro game junkie wants and icade.

I mean who wouldn’t want a fully functional mini arcade controller for their ipad that plays a lot Atari Arcade & 2600 classics.

The concept is simple –

Buy an ipad, buy an icade (sold here), assemble icade, download Atari’s Greatest Hits (Most of these games are 2600 based), and connect the ipad/icade via Bluetooth.

The icade’s controls are responsive when playing games. The buttons feel like the real thing and the joystick is good but it’s not arcade quality.

The ipad mounts on the icade vertically however there is a tray that allows you to place your ipad in a horizontal manner.

Most of the games play pretty well. I found Asteroid played better using the buttons only and Tempest worked best with a combo slider ipad touch screen / fire buttons on the icade.

One down side is the noise – the buttons and joystick switches make loud clicking noises when you use them, but don’t most arcade game cabinets?

Now for the biggest problem – Will dad ever get a chance to play with it? Probably not L


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