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**Update 09/2016 — This 2011 version of the alignment tool wasn’t quite accurate, it was solely based sector alignment for EMC storage and I believe the author made several adjustments based on user feedback and comments.  The current version seems to do a better job, but you don’t need any tools to check alignment just read this blog I wrote as it’s so simple to check **

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A work colleague led me to this program the other day.

This tool couldn’t be simpler to use.  Download the EXE, place it on our VM and Click Check Alignment.

It’s a real quick way to ensure your aligned…
TIP:  Don’t assume Windows 2008 is aligned out of the box, as you can see here this VM needs to be aligned…  It’s out of alignment because of the deployment/unified server image process used to push the OS to the VM.  READ this blog for more information

2008 R2
2008 Alignment
2003 Alignment

Unforutnally, this tool is no longer availible for download.

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