Staying Current with VMware Technology

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One of the common question I’m asked is- How do I stay current with virtualization technology

The answer is – Staying current takes time and work.  Here are my Tips for staying current…

1. Join your Local User Group, show up, and get to know “Who are the People in your Neighborhood”

  • In Phoenix we have one of the best VMware Users group in the world.  800+ Strong and they come from all over the state
  • There are MANY vendors from all types of technologies (Storage, Backups, Networking, Server hardware, etc)
  • User and Vendors alike present information in a Technical Fashion
  • Phoenix VMUG regional meeting draws about ~300 Attendees from all types of industry
  • Use these meetings to find out Who’s Who in the virtualization community and then starting asking LOTS of questions

 2. Blog Sites – Read these sites frequently…

3. RSS Feeds

  • Setup RSS Feeds to your Favorite Blogs sites – AND read them – Put your Smart Phone to use…
  • VMWare has done a great job with Planetv12n.  It is a blog consolidation of top bloggers

 4. PodCasts

 5. LinkedIN

  • Join a group, build your network, and start communicating
  • This is a great way to track those people you meet

6. Twitter

  • Twitter Really?  Yes Really…. Companies like VMware use twitter to get information out to customers
  • Find your favorite companies, find out their twitter feeds and follow them.
  • If used properly Twitter is a great resource for valuable information

 7. YouTube

  • YouTube Really? Yes Really… Like Twitter YouTube is a great resource for quality information.
  • Do simple searches for information or product, you’ll be surpised how much information you’ll find
  • Companies like VMware have specific YouTube Channels and they frequently post Product and How To information

Here is my last link… This link contains most of the VMware Bloggers, Twitter Accounts, and RSS feeds in one spot..  << Priceless

All of this might seem a bit overbearing, and it can be at first.  My recommendation is — start out small, read a few blogs, view some online content, ask questions, and repeat..

Before you know it you’ll be on the right track to staying current with virtualization.

What are some of the ways you stay current?  Please post up!

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