80’s Style returns to the modern PC

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One of my first PC’s was a Commodore 64. Yes, I know some of you called it a Commode 64 but for its price it really beat out all of its competition.

I still have my good ole C64 and C128D and in addition I also have a Plus4, VIC20, C16, and yes even I Commodore Colt.

Today I was pleased to see that I company is starting up the brand again.

It would be pretty cool to have an old C64 doing VM’s, even better would have a C64 with VM running the C64 emulator < Okay that’s a bit much but very cool!

Right now they are just rebranded PC’s but who knows it may grow into the Commodore Empire it once was, or they will go back to making typewriters/calculators.

Check it out here..



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