GA Release VMware PowerCLI 12.1.0 | Announcement, information, and links

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VMware announced the GA Releases of the following: VMware PowerCLI 12.1.0

See the base table for all the technical enablement links including a VMworld 2020 session and new Hands On Lab


Release Overview
VMware PowerCLI is a command-line and scripting tool built on Windows PowerShell, and provides more than 700 cmdlets for managing and automating vSphere, VMware Cloud Director, vRealize Operations Manager, vSAN, NSX-T, VMware Cloud Services, VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware HCX, VMware Site Recovery Manager, and VMware Horizon environments.


What’s New
VMware PowerCLI 12.1.0 introduces the following new features, changes, and improvements:

Added cmdlets for

  • vSphere Lifecycle Manager
  • Managing Workload Management clusters in vSphere with Tanzu
  • Specifying cluster’s EDRS policies in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Managing Cloud Native Storage volumes
  • Managing vSAN secure disk wipe
  • Managing Virtual Volume (vVol) storage containers

New Features

  • VMware Cloud on AWS module is extended with support for i3en host type, large appliance size SDDCs and support for adding new hosts to specific clusters
  • Implemented seamless integration between the VMware Cloud on AWS module and the vSphere module to allow easier way to connect to the cloud SDDC
  • Content Library enhancements to allow uploading from internet and datastore URLs

Added support for

  • Secure Encrypted Virtualization
  • Added support for Site Recovery Manager 8.3.1
  • Added support for VMware Horizon 7.13
Upgrade Considerations
Ensure the following software is present on your system

OS Type .NET Version PowerShell Version
Windows .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later Windows PowerShell 5.1
Linux .NET Core 3.1 PowerShell 7
macOS .NET Core 3.1 PowerShell 7
Updated Components
In VMware PowerCLI 12.1.0, the following modules have been updated:

  • VMware.PowerCLI: Provides a root module which other modules are dependent on. This ensures the PowerCLI product can be installed, upgraded, and removed as a complete package if needed.
  • VMware.VimAutomation.Core: Provides cmdlets for automated administration of the vSphere environment.
  • VMware.VimAutomation.Common: Provides functionality that is common to all PowerCLI modules. This module has no cmdlets, but is required for other modules to function correctly.
  • VMware.VimAutomation.Sdk: Provides SDK functionality that is needed by all PowerCLI modules. This module has no cmdlets, but is required for other modules to function correctly.
  • VMware.VimAutomation.Vds: Provides cmdlets for managing vSphere distributed switches and distributed port groups.
  • VMware.VimAutomation.Cis.Core: Provides cmdlets for managing vSphere Automation SDK servers.
  • VMware.VimAutomation.Storage: Provides cmdlets for managing vSphere policy-based storage.
  • VMware.VimAutomation.StorageUtility: Provides utility scripts for storage.
  • VMware.VumAutomation: Provides cmdlets for automating vSphere Update Manager features.
  • VMware.VimAutomation.Srm: Provides cmdlets for managing VMware Site Recovery Manager features.
  • VMware.VimAutomation.HorizonView: Provides cmdlets for automating VMware Horizon features.
  • VMware.VimAutomation.Vmc: Provides cmdlets for managing VMware Cloud on AWS features.
  • VMware.Vim: Provides vSphere low-level binding libraries. This module has no cmdlets.
  • VMware.VimAutomation.Security: Provides cmdlets for managing vSphere Security, including virtual Trusted Platform Module.
  • VMware.VimAutomation.Hcx: Provides cmdlets for managing VMware HCX features.
  • VMware.VimAutomation.WorkloadManagement: Provides cmdlets for managing Project Pacific.
  • VMware.CloudServices: Provides cmdlets for managing VMware Cloud Services
Enablement Links
Release Notes Click Here  |  What’s New in This Release  |  Resolved Issues  |  Known Issues Introduction  |  Installing  |  Configuring  |  cmdlet Reference
Compatibility Information Interoperability Matrix  |  Upgrade Path Matrix
Blogs & Infolinks VMware What’s New pCLI vRLCM  |  VMware What’s New pCLI with AWS  |  PM’s Blog pCLI SSO
Download Click Here
VMworld 2020 Sessions PowerCLI: Into the Deep [HCP1286]
Hands On Labs HOL-2111-04-SDC – VMware vSphere Automation – PowerCLI

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