Hats off to Chicago Firehouse #13!

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While recently visiting Chicago for a VMware technical summit I strolled out of my hotel to pick up a few supplies. As I was walking to the store I noticed Chicago Firehouse #13 and a memorial out front. On my way back from the store I stopped in to learn more about this memorial. The house welcomed me with open arms and gave me a tour. On the back wall of the engine house was a plaque in honor of this fallen hero, Walter Watroba. Additionally there were newspaper articles from the event and several write ups around other fallen heroes. If you’re curious around the memorial and why November 22, 1976 is important to Firehouse #13 then see the URL at the bottom of my post.

I spent quite some time with a firefighter they affectionately call ‘The Saint’. He took the time to tell me the story of Walter Watroba and shared with me many great stories of his time as a firefighter. One story was about a firefighter who retired and handed off a piece of his equipment to ‘The Saint’. He explained this was a firefighter’s old school way of showing respect for others and how rare an event like this is. As he was standing there it gave him goose bumps just telling the story. I really enjoyed my short time at Firehouse #13. I’ll stop by again if I’m in the area and I’d recommend you do as well.



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