My Commodore Collection on Public Display

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I’ve had many great memories of my Commodore computers throughout the years. Mostly around gamming, leaning about computers, and good times with friends. I never let go of my Commodores and in fact I added a few more to my collection over the years. Mostly they just sit in my closets and once a year or so I pull them out and clean them up. Most recently I came across a public display in my local library, folks were displaying different collections of items they enjoyed. I thought what I great thing to do with my collection, put it on display! For the past month my Commodores have been on display at our local library. While I was still putting up the display conversations started from people just passing by and over the past month when we’d stop in I’d catch a glace of folks looking at them. By allowing others to enjoy it too it was the best thing I could have done with my collection. My Commodore is the reason why I choose a technical career and now, through public display, it just gave others enjoyment too.

I will make one plea though – If you own older 1980’s or even 1990’s style computers, please don’t donate them to charities unless you know for sure it will be resold. Many computers like Commodores are scrapped by charities as they feel they have no value. If you want to know what you can do with your older equipment please reach out to me and I’ll help you find it a good home.

Here are a few pics from my display…

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