Storage – LUN Naming Standard

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I started working with my networking and storage teams to develop a LUN naming standard in hopes to better organize our LUN names.

We have a Fibre Channel SAN and needed a standard that is easy for us to follow and ID our LUNS quickly.

Some of the information in the standard might seem redundant (Like LUN ID) but we wanted to have a LUN name that was informational and would work for multiple teams.

Here are some Examples…


General Purpose LUN, Building AC, MED Resource Pool, Disk Tier 02, LUN ID 00ABC, Not Replicated


Notes Server 02, Building AB, MAX Resource Group, Disk Tier 02, LUNC IS 00CDF, Replicated

Here is the breakdown…

LUN ID Name (No more than 10 characters, Normal is 3) – Is the name of the LUN, or specific server, or purpose

Location (2 Characters) – The building where the LUN is normally located

LUN Priority (3 Characters) – Is the name of the resource pool the LUN is attached to, this helps with DR recovery

LUN ID (5 Characters) – This is the LUN ID assigned by the SAN at the time of creation, helps with combination with the SAN team

Replication (4 Characters) – Use NRPL for not replicated and RPL for replicated

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