Book – Virtualizing Microsoft Tier 1 Applications with VMware vSphere 4

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I got the honor of talking with Charles Windom today.  He is the author of “Virtualizing Microsoft Tier 1 Applications with VMware vSphere 4”

We were concerned about Exchange performance with our SAN being setup as a large aggregate of drives vs. discrete drives.

All the best practices I read specifically stated discrete drives for performance reasons with Exchange 2003.  However our SAN is setup as a large aggregate of drives.

Sean Dehlinger of vmware set me up with Charles and in about 2 minutes I had the confirmation that I needed.. (Thanks Sean!)

Here is the feed back from Charles…

1. Exchange 2003 Database does lots of Random R/W’s to the LUN, if the LUN is not discrete then you will see delays.  The Logs and C: Drive are doing more Sequential R/W’s  and the LUN aggregate should be okay.

2. IF your using Exchange 2010 Database or Logs then the R/W’s are Sequential and LUN discreteness is a non-issue.

It was nice to talk to an true expert and I look forward to meeting him at vmworld 2010 or having him talk at our Phoenix event..

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