10Gbe NAS Home Lab Part 1: Parts Overview and Synology DS1621+

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In this new video series I’ll be testing serval NAS products with in my NAS test lab.

My plan is to setup a new 10GBe network with 2 x Windows 10 PCs w/10gbe NICs, Laptops, Cell Phones, VMware ESXi and various other devices to see how they perform with the different NAS devices. Additionally, I’ll be going over the NAS devices and their software options too. A big part of my Home Network is the use of PLEX. Seeing how these devices handle PLEX and their other built in apps should make for some interesting content.

It all starts with this blog and in this initial video I go over some of the parts I’ve assembled for my NAS development lab. As the series progresses I plan to enhance the lab and how the devices interact with it.

** Advisement **

  • 07/30/21: I am just starting to work with these components and set them up. Everything tells me they should work together. However, I have not tested them together.
  • Any products that I blog/vblog about may or may not work – YOU ultimately assume all risk

** PARTS Seen in this Video **

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