My Commodore 64 Never lets me down…

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I got a call today from 000-000-0000, a person with a strong accent says “Hello Sir, I am from Technical support. Our servers have alerted us that there is a virus on your computer”


Matt: “Oh, my really? A Virus what should I do?” < Said in my best non-technical dorky voice, which by the way was easy for me

Strong Accent(SA): “You must on your keyboard press Window Key R”

Matt: “So I press Windows Key R… Where is the windows key?”

SA: “Windows key is next to the Control key on your right side of your keyboard”

Matt: “Okay, Control, Control, Control Key, where are you…”

SA: “Did you Press it?”

Matt: “I don’t see a Windows Key… I do see a key that look like a C with an = sign, is that the one?”

SA: “No, its next to the CTRL key…”

Matt: “OH, CTRL, there it is… Okay Pressing C= and R… Okay a Blue screen open… it says LOAD”*”,8,1… Now what do I do?”

SA: “Did you press Windows R… you need to press CTRL and R”

Matt: “OH, CTRL and R… Okay… Pressing… Okay… Blue screen appears… Its says LOAD”*”,8,1…

SA: “Are you sure you pushed CTRL?:

Matt: “Yes, I did… the blue screen says… Commodore 64, 38911 Bytes Free…”

SA: “Are you on a Windows Box?”

Matt: “did you think I was using a windows PC, No I’m on a Commodore 64, its not prone to those Windows Viruses”

SA: “Oh, what is a Commodore 64?”

Matt: “it’s this really great system, that can’t divide by zero”

SA: “Oh….. Long pause… ”

Matt: “You should try one…”

SA: Hangs up…


Next time you call trying to scam a technical professional… Make sure they didn’t grow up with a Commodore computer!

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