vSphere Hot Memory Add

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I was playing around with vSphere Hot memory add with ESX 4 U1 on a Windows 2008 ETP x64 VM.

I was simple to configure and could be a quick upgrade…

  1. In vCenter Server Shutdown the VM
  2. Right Click > Edit Settings > Options > Under Advanced Choose Memory/CPU Hotplug
  3. Enable Memory Hot Add and CPU Hot Plug

  4. Power on your VM, Go to the Consol for this VM, Wait for it to boot, logon
  5. I noticed mine had a pop up that it added a snap-in
  6. In vCenter Server Right click on the VM, Edit Settings, click on Memory and add the memory you wish..

    (Notice you can’t go down only up… You’ll need to power down to do this)




    I noticed after clicking OK, my vm console screen went blank for about 10 seconds and then it came back.

    When it did I had the upgraded memory and all was well.


    Here’s a great post with more information…




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