ESX – Using USB to IP Adapeters

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Here are some IP to USB Adapters that I know have worked with ESX…

Multi VM Use –

Single VM Use –

I’ve worked with the DIGI models and they have pretty well…

One note – if you are working with a true VM then you need to enable Windows USB features…

Special Steps for VMware ESX Server Virtual Machines
Since ESX Server does not provide direct support for USB, USB drivers are not installed in the
guest operating system by default. The AnywhereUSB device depends on the USB core files to
install properly.
To enable the rest of the installation to proceed normally, copy and rename the required file from the original operating system CD.
• Source: usbd.sy_ in the \I386 directory of the CD
• Destination: usbd.sys in the \system32\drivers directory of the guest operating system
After copying this file, reboot your machine. You can then continue with the normal
AnywhereUSB installation.

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